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Sompura Sthapatya - Temple Architect & Contractor

Since the centuries the Sompura families are involved in Indian Architecture base Construction. Such as Temples, Palaces, Step wells, Forts etc. In recent time also Sompuras famous as a Temple Architect. Sompura Sthapatya is one of them from Sompura families.
Sompura Sthapatya is engaged in temple construction industry. We provide temple architecture and construction services with follow the norms of ancient vastu shilp shastra.
( followed by Aparajit, Xiranav, Diparnav, JayPruchha, Prad Mandan, Shilp Ratanakar, Maymat and puranos ect.) With the calculation such as Aay, Nakshatra, Direction, Vyay etc. and follow vastu-shilp norms form the beginning of the temple i.e. Shila Ropan to end of temple construction i.e. Pratistha pooja. Our specialty is not only in Vastu base designing but also carving, fitting and finishing in stone, marble or granite that means we offered full solution of Temple construction.
Sompura Sthapatya manufactured custom made stone, marble…

Sompura Temple Architect & Contractor: Temple Architect & Contractor

Temple Architect & Contractor

Sompura Sthapatya is engaged in temple construction industries. We provide Vastu shilp base Temple architecture designs and construction. Also provide state of the art designs for interior and stone artifacts. Provides consultation for Shilp Shastra for your temple projects. And Astro-Vastu advice for you and your home, office, business place too.

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